Give extra powers to Whatsapp Web with this extension for Google Chrome. Quickly reply your customers and friends. 💻

Best of Whatsapp Web and in addition...

This extension is a complementary tool to be used when in Whatsapp Web, not an alternative software. It adds more menus and functionalities.

Forget about copy-paste the same texts all the time from the clipboard. Preset your own messages and choose a title for them. You’ll have a button above your chat text input. Click on the new buttons to fast message.

Customize the extension from a very easy Control Panel. You’ll access it clicking an icon in your browser.

Emojis are replaced in text while you’re typing. Save time, you don’t need to search them in the emoji box all the time!

Save all photos (at once) from a chat in your computer.

This is something that you simply can’t do with Whatsapp Web right now.

Easily type bold, itallic or linetrough text using buttons. You don’t need to remember formatting codes anymore.

More features are about to come.

Installation just requires one click and the extension is getting updated automatically to ensure everything is working properly. Chrome Store manages it all for you.

Your company needs

Companies make different use of Whatsapp. What is yours?

It is possible that your company is using Whatsapp to contact the customers and there are many tasks that can be avoided or improved. You can save a lot of time with automatization. Just tell us your needs.



4.49€ /month

* Per user. Price in Spain.

  • Whatsapp Web with extra menus and functionalities.
  • Monthly updates.
  • Updates are auto-installed.
  • We’re giving support and hearing your comments to improve the extension.

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What is WhatsAdd?

WhatsAdd is an extension for Google Chrome that you can install from Chrome Store in just one click.

How does WhatsAdd help me?

Although WhatsApp is a very easy and accessible app for the clients, it is not so comfortable nor does it make things easy for those who have to respond to them through it.

WhatsAdd works within your WhatsApp Web to add a new menu with buttons that allow you to do some functions faster such as sending predefined messages, changing the style of the text from the interface, writing emojis with keyboard shortcuts …

What is the relation between Whatsadd and WhatsApp Inc.?

WhatsAdd is an extension made by an indie developer. It is NOT an official software from WhatsApp Inc.

Thanks for your interest. Contact if do you still have any doubt, suggestion or idea.

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